What is Inadmissibility?

Inadmissibility status describes people who are not allowed to enter or stay in Canada because of various factors as per the Canadian Immigration Law. A Canadian immigration officer will decide if you can enter Canada when you apply for a visa, an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA), or when you arrive at a port of entry. You may be denied a visa, or an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA), refused entry to or removed from Canada for any of these reasons:

Reasons you may be Inadmissible to Canada

  • Security reasons, including espionage, subversion (attempts to overthrow a government, etc., violence or terrorism, or membership in an organization involved in any of these
  • Human or international rights violations, including war crimes, crimes against humanity, being a senior official in a government engaged in gross human rights violations, or subject to international sanctions
  • Committing a crime, including driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol, organized crime, including membership in an organization that takes part in organized criminal activity, people smuggling, or money laundering.
  • Misrepresentation, which includes providing false information or withholding information directly related to decisions made under the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act (IRPA)

Medical reasons – which include medical conditions that:

  • endanger public health
  • endanger public safety, or
  • causes excessive demand on health or social services (some applicants are exempt)
  • Financial reasons – if you’re unable or unwilling to support yourself and your family members
  • Failure to comply with any provision of IRPA or having an inadmissible family member.

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